17 December 2015 Meritas Guide to Doing Business in Australia and New Zealand

Swaab is a member firm of the global Meritas network. Meritas has recently released its Guide to Doing Business in Australia and New Zealand in English and Mandarin.

This guide is intended to provide practical and useful insights into the 10 most common questions facing foreign investors and businesses:
  1. What role does the government play in approving and regulating foreign direct investment?
  2. Can foreign investors conduct business without a local partner? If so, what corporate structure is most commonly used?
  3. How does the government regulate commercial joint ventures between foreign investors and local firms?
  4. What laws influence the relationship between local agents or distributors and foreign companies?
  5. What steps does the government take to control mergers and acquisitions with foreign investors of its national companies or over its natural resources and key sectors (e.g., energy and telecommunications)?
  6. How do labor statutes regulate the treatment of local employees and expatriate workers?
  7. How do local banks and government regulators deal with the treatment and conversion of local currency, repatriation of funds overseas, letters of credit, and other basic financial transactions?
  8. What types of taxes, duties and levies should a foreign investor expect to encounter?
  9. How comprehensive are the intellectual property laws? Do local courts and tribunals enforce them objectively, regardless of the nationality of the parties?
  10. If a commercial dispute arises, will local courts or arbitration offer a more beneficial forum for dispute resolution to foreign investors?
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