2 November 2015 Sandy Plunkett in conversation with David Uren at Swaab Attorneys

On Tuesday 27 October this year, we were joined by the incomparable Sandy Plunkett who was in conversation with Senior Economics Editor at The Australian and author of Takeover, Daivd Uren.

It was a
thoughtful and considered exchange of ideas and gave guests a historical perspective of the nation's relationship with foreign capital and takeovers mixed with a robust debate about the future of innovation and entrepreneurship. Despite the temptation, we didn't serve Chikko Rolls!


Sandy and David agreed that Australia’s economy has been built on the back of foreign capital and observed that Australians have had a love/hate relationship with foreign investment for decades.

During the conversation Sandy and David examined whether in today’s hyper competitive and connected global economy, our fluctuating attitudes toward foreign capital, skills and expertise had come into sharp focus.

They considered whether Australians’ insecurity about the source of our prosperity coming from somewhere else would abate? Or whether would it become more deeply entrenched.

During the drinks that followed the conversation, we considered whether the impact of rapidly accelerating technological advances would change Australia’s attitudes to foreign capital and expertise for the development of our 21st century industries and jobs.


Click here to see photographs from the event.


David Uren is The Australian’s Economics Editor and has been leading the paper’s Canberra economic coverage for the past decade. His career in journalism includes nine years as the editor of Business Review Weekly, and periods editing the Asian business magazines, Asiabanking and Asia Inc, as well as policy publications for the Business Council of Australia, Accenture and the Centre for Corporate Public Affairs. He has also worked in investor relations, advising blue-chip corporations including BHP-Billiton, ANZ and Southcorp on shareholder strategy. As well as Takeover, he is author of The Kingdom and the Quarry about Australia’s relationship with China and Shitstorm, exploring the Rudd government’s management of the global financial crisis


Sandy Plunkett is a thought leader in entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystems. She has more than 20 years' experience in the international technology sector as a commentator, consultant, venture capitalist and startup company professional. She is an Industry Fellow, Entrepreneurship at UTS Business School; and an advisor to the Silicon Valley VC firm, Bullpen Capital. Sandy has written extensively on digital transformation and entrepreneurship issues for media and she is an advisor to startups, corporations and governments on innovation-driven strategies and disruptive technologies and markets in and outside of Australia.

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