10 May 2017 The Law Society of NSW Advancement of Women Charter

As an inclusive workplace with a culture of support and understanding to all individuals, Swaab has become a signatory to the Law Society's Charter for the Advancement of Women which formalises policies and initiatives already in place at Swaab.

The Advancement of Women Charter is designed to promote and support strategies to retain women in the profession over the course of their careers and encourage and promote their career progression into senior executive and management positions. To achieve this the Charter aims to assist legal practices to develop cultures which promote diversity and inclusion and impact positively on all practitioners in their workplaces, resulting in better business outcomes for legal practices, the legal profession, and the community as a whole.
As a signatory to the Charter, we agree to implement and commit to the five strategies outlined within the Charter, which focus on:

  • demonstrating leadership by implementing diversity and removing gender bias
  • driving change to support the retention of women
  • implementing recruitment and promotion strategies promoting gender equity
  • promoting mentoring and sponsorship for women
  • encouraging and supporting flexible work practices for men and women

Swaab Attorneys is also signatory to the Law Council of Australia Diversity & Equality Charter. 

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