16 October 2015 Warwick Ryan Featured in Smartcompany on Australian offshoring investigation

Employment specialist Warwick Ryan has been cited in a recent Smartcompany article regarding the trend of Australian jobs being offered overseas for below legal wages.

A Fairfax and Monash investigation found that out of 1000 ads in the Asian region, over 80% offered payment below the minimum requirement. These findings follow recent trends about widespread wage fraud, visible in the 7-Eleven Australian chain scandal and the significant number of appeals to the Fair Work Ombudsman regarding underpayment.

Warwick Ryan commented that despite the increasing success by which the Fair Work Ombudsman ensures compliance, its limited scope means employees subject to illegal wages may be left out in the cold. He further criticised the complexity of the Australian awards system, claiming that underpayments (especially in low-threshold industries) are more often than not the result of employers misunderstanding their obligations.

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