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Andrew Price

Property, Planning & Projects

Andrew is a Consultant in our Property, Planning and Projects team. He has specialist experience in planning ,development and construction of major commercial, retail, infrastructure, agricultural, local government and other projects in Australia and overseas. Andrew has previously been retained by institutions wishing to have “suites” of construction documents prepared including for the engagement of consultants, project certifiers, contractors, construction project and development managers and construction project securities. Andrew was also a specialist development adviser to Japanese contractors operating in Australia. He has lived and practiced in the Sydney Metropolitan area and been involved in a number of major harbour side developments and projects including tenders for marina developments and conversions, port loading facilities in both the re-configured ports of Port Kembla and Newcastle and development of new major infrastructure facilities involving pipelines and loading terminals in New South Wales, particularly when constrained by environmental concerns.
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  • 2018 - Recommended Doyles Guide
  • 2018 - Recommended Doyles Guide
  • 2018 - Recommended Doyles Guide