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Mar­i­lyn Hauptmann

Fam­i­ly Law

As an expe­ri­enced fam­i­ly law prac­ti­tion­er I have been prac­tic­ing as a solic­i­tor in fam­i­ly law for over 27 years. Pri­or to enter­ing prac­tice I tutored and sub­se­quent­ly lec­tured in fam­i­ly law at Syd­ney Uni­ver­si­ty for nine years. I am one of the first accred­it­ed spe­cial­ists in fam­i­ly law in New South Wales and I am also a qual­i­fied fam­i­ly law arbi­tra­tor and mediator.

I am also the co-author of When It’s Over: A Guide to Sep­a­ra­tion and Divorce’ and is the co-author (with Ian Serisi­er) of Vol­ume 4 of Aus­tralian Fam­i­ly Law, pub­lished by LexisNexis.


I have reg­u­lar­ly pre­sent­ed sem­i­nars to prac­tic­ing fam­i­ly lawyers at the Col­lege of Law, Legal­wise, State Legal Con­fer­ence and CCH. I have has also giv­en evi­dence as an expert in fam­i­ly law in pro­ceed­ings before tri­bunals and civ­il courts.

My expe­ri­ence also extends to sit­ting on the board of the Inde­pen­dent Chil­dren’s Rep­re­sen­ta­tives for nine years. This allowed me to rep­re­sent chil­dren in dif­fi­cult par­ent­ing cas­es, where either one or both of the par­ties were self-rep­re­sent­ed and/​or there were alle­ga­tions of sex­u­al abuse.


  • Fam­i­ly law
  • Finan­cial and par­ent­ing cases
  • Domes­tic vio­lence cases

Roles, mem­ber­ships and education

  • Accred­it­ed Spe­cial­ist Fam­i­ly Law since 1993
  • BA, 1972 and LLB1975
  • Qual­i­fied fam­i­ly law arbi­tra­tor since 1994
  • Qual­i­fied fam­i­ly law medi­a­tor since 1994

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