Inno​va​tionAus​.com Bud­get Insid­er 2016

Swaab Attor­neys played host to’s inau­gur­al Bud­get Insid­er event.

Swaab Attor­neys played host to’s inau­gur­al Bud­get Insid­er event, join­ing Stone & Chalk, Cov­iu, Zeet­ings and ACS as sup­port­ing partners.

A crowd of over 120 peo­ple from across the ecosys­tem gath­ered to hear the views of lead­ing experts in the tech, start­up and gov­ern­ment sec­tors who pro­vid­ed com­men­tary on the forces shap­ing this years’ Fed­er­al Budget. 

The night was punc­tu­at­ed by the screen­ing of the Bud­get hand­ed down by the Trea­sur­er, the Hon. Scott Mor­ri­son MP

As far as firsts’ go, this one was a cracker!

Well done to James Riley and the crew at Inno​va​tionAus​.com. Read more here.

Click here to see a quick sum­ma­ry video of the event high­light­ing some of the impor­tant issues dis­cussed on the night.

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