Giving you confidence


It’s our goal to ensure that your busi­ness thrives and enjoys pos­i­tive employ­ee rela­tion­ships, despite the chal­lenges that legal red tape pos­es for all busi­ness­es. We under­stand that advice on employ­ment law needs to be not only accu­rate, spe­cif­ic and com­mer­cial, but also swift. We have the expe­ri­ence to achieve this and to solve your problems.

We focus on get­ting to know you, devel­op­ing long-term rela­tion­ships as we guide you through the ever-chang­ing legal and indus­tri­al envi­ron­ment. We assist you by draft­ing employ­ment con­tracts which min­imise expo­sure to awards, lessen the risk of claims and empha­sise clar­i­ty, flex­i­bil­i­ty and simplicity.

We have act­ed for both employ­ers and employ­ees in a broad range of indus­tries, includ­ing hos­pi­tal­i­ty, retail, man­u­fac­tur­ing, logis­tics, health­care, aged care, finance, pro­fes­sion­al ser­vices, build­ing and con­struc­tion, as well as the not-for-prof­it sec­tor and government. 


  • Advice in rela­tion to the Fair Work Act
  • Enter­prise agree­ments, employ­ment agree­ments and let­ters of appointment
  • Ter­mi­nat­ing employ­ees and man­ag­ing employ­ee exits
  • Post-employ­ment restraints
  • Restraint of trade, con­fi­den­tial infor­ma­tion and privacy
  • Nego­ti­a­tion with Work­Cov­er, insur­ers and trade unions
  • Advice on appli­ca­tion of awards and employ­ee statu­to­ry and award entitlements
  • Con­trac­tor and employ­ee agreements
  • Redun­dan­cy and restructuring
  • Man­ag­ing employ­ee underperformance
  • Man­ag­ing ill or injured employees
  • Man­ag­ing employ­ee griev­ances and work­place disputes
  • Work­place sur­veil­lance and mon­i­tor­ing of inter­net and email use
  • Harass­ment and bul­ly­ing matters
  • Indus­tri­al disputes
  • Awards and Statu­to­ry oblig­a­tions of employers
  • Work­place polices — general
  • Work­place poli­cies – indus­tri­al instruments
  • Advice on per­for­mance & conduct
  • Advice on work­place surveillance
  • Advice on right of entry
  • Advice on anti-discrimination
  • Advice on diversity
  • Advice on com­pe­ti­tion issues/​restraints
  • Unfair Dis­missals
  • Com­plex Work­place investigations
  • Stan­dard work­place investigations

Use­ful Links

Fair Work Com­mis­sion (FWC)

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