Facing financial crisis?


We have exten­sive expe­ri­ence in insol­ven­cy work and have advised insol­ven­cy prac­ti­tion­ers, direc­tors, share­hold­ers, debtors and cred­i­tors on cor­po­rate restruc­tur­ing and insol­ven­cy relat­ed issues. The mem­bers of our team come from a vari­ety of pro­fes­sion­al back­grounds with­in legal, account­ing and insol­ven­cy fields.

We can pro­vide advice to direc­tors on their duties and respon­si­bil­i­ties when com­pa­nies are fac­ing an uncer­tain future. We pro­vide prac­ti­cal guid­ance on the steps indi­vid­u­als need to take to avoid per­son­al liability.

This breadth of expe­ri­ence and skill set enables us to pro­vide you with a unique and insight­ful per­spec­tive on all aspects of insol­ven­cy relat­ed mat­ters. Our Lawyers can strate­gi­cal­ly for­mu­late and imple­ment the most appro­pri­ate solu­tion to meet your spe­cif­ic needs. We have suc­cess­ful­ly act­ed in a diverse range of insol­ven­cy matters. 


  • Wind-up appli­ca­tions
  • Void­able trans­ac­tion claims
  • Insol­vent trad­ing claims against directors
  • Reten­tion of title claims
  • Per­son­al Prop­er­ty Secu­ri­ties Reg­is­ter (PPSR)
  • Exam­i­na­tions
  • Deeds of com­pa­ny arrangement
  • Exter­nal admin­is­tra­tion issues
  • Assist­ing insol­ven­cy prac­ti­tion­ers in asset disposals
  • Assist­ing direc­tors in rela­tion to direc­tors’ duties
  • Vol­un­tary admin­is­tra­tion and liquidation
  • Pub­lic examinations
  • Court appli­ca­tions for the appoint­ment of receivers
  • Bank­rupt­cy notices
  • Bank­rupt­cy petitions

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