Swaab advis­es on strate­gic acqui­si­tion of Tri­point Online by UXC

Swaab advised UXC on acqui­si­tion of Tri­point Online Pty Ltd by their whol­ly-owned sub­sidiary, Red Rock Con­sult­ing Pty Ltd.

Swaab has advised UXC in rela­tion to the acqui­si­tion of the lead­ing provider in con­sult­ing and online-man­aged ser­vices, Tri­point Online Pty Ltd, by their whol­ly-owned sub­sidiary, Red Rock Con­sult­ing Pty Ltd. Fea­tured in Lawyers Week­ly this move has secured Red Rock­’s posi­tion as Ora­cle’s largest local­ly-based Peo­ple­Soft part­ner across Aus­tralia and New Zealand.

This is the sec­ond acqui­si­tion by UXC Swaab part­ner Alis­tair Jaque and senior asso­ciate Andrew Drap­er have advised on in the last six months, advanc­ing UXC’s scale and capa­bil­i­ty. Pri­or to this UXC’s sub­sidiary Oxy­gen Busi­ness Solu­tions acquired spe­cial­ist SAP con­sult­ing firm, Stream.

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