Break­ing: The Aus­tralian — Part­ner­ship Sur­vey 2019

The Aus­tralians part­ner­ship sur­vey, iden­ti­fies those firms where women lawyers do well

Key find­ings in today’s instal­ment of The Aus­tralians part­ner­ship sur­vey, shows the pro­por­tion of female equi­ty part­ners at Swaab being well above the legal pro­fes­sion’s aver­age. With females mak­ing up 60% of equi­ty part­ners and 53% of total part­ner num­bers. Man­ag­ing part­ner — Mary Digiglio com­ment­ed say­ing gen­der equi­ty with­in the part­ner­ship cohort and across the firm gen­er­al­ly is a true reflec­tion of the fir­m’s cul­ture and values.’

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