31 October 2016 Swaab supports #sparkfest

Swaab Attorneys is a proud sponsor of Spark Festival, a week-long celebration of Australian startups. During the festival, we had the pleasure of hosting two very different events.

It was a full house as Healthtech Sydney presented five amazing startups in the Digital Health space. The startups, Sound Scouts, CancerAid, Healthcare Innovate, SurgicalPartners and CohortIQ presented on their startup journey before a panel discussion and questions from the audience. You can view the photos from the night here.

We also hosted the #sparkfest Vision Workshop with Lauren Trlin. The night was a chance for participants to come together and explore the vision they held for their lives. The evening's aim was to help provide clarity and confidence in careers and business with the ultimate aim to help people find their vision to live an epic life! Photos of the night can be viewed here

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