Fam­i­ly law team con­tin­ue to assist you dur­ing COVID-19

The Swaab Fam­i­ly Law team are work­ing remote­ly and are just a phone call away. We are still avail­able to assist you with any ques­tions you have about your prop­er­ty or par­ent­ing concerns.

At the moment there are real con­cerns about cur­rent par­ent­ing orders and how they oper­ate in the COVID-19 cli­mate. It is pos­si­ble to vary or sus­pend cur­rent Orders and there are also cir­cum­stances where non-com­pli­ance with Orders can be accept­able if that non-com­pli­ance is rea­son­able. Par­ents are required to do all pos­si­ble to ensure that there is com­pli­ance with orders made by the fam­i­ly court but at the same time the safe­ty of the child must always come first.

If you do not have Orders about your chil­dren and are con­cerned about the cur­rent or future arrange­ments, it is impor­tant to speak to a fam­i­ly lawyer to under­stand your options and what can be done.

The Fam­i­ly Court is still oper­at­ing. There has been change as a result of the self-iso­lat­ing rules which are in place for the pro­tec­tion of the com­mu­ni­ty. The Hear­ings and Court atten­dances are being con­duct­ed by tele­phone or video link. Urgent mat­ters are still being dealt with and the Court con­tin­ues to oper­ate to move peo­ple towards a final res­o­lu­tion of their disputes. 

If, after dis­cussing your con­cerns about prop­er­ty, your access to finances, your liv­ing cir­cum­stances or chil­dren your fam­i­ly lawyer con­sid­ers that your cir­cum­stances would be best dealt with by a Court, then such an appli­ca­tion can be filed with­out impediment.

We are still able to con­duct medi­a­tions and con­fi­den­tial client inter­views via var­i­ous elec­tron­ic means includ­ing video link.

If you need our assis­tance at this time please do not hes­i­tate to con­tact any mem­ber of our expe­ri­enced Fam­i­ly Law team.

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