Michael Hayter is quot­ed in the Dai­ly Tele­graph arti­cle Fresh bat­tle for fraud­ster Melis­sa Caddick’s $12k shoes’ dat­ed 2/8/23

Receivers in the Melis­sa Cad­dick case want to inspect 30 pairs of the dead conwoman’s shoes, some of which may be worth up to $12,000, a court has heard.

Michael Hayter, Insol­ven­cy Part­ner and the solic­i­tor act­ing for the receivers, said they were seek­ing access to Ms. Caddick’s sneak­er col­lec­tion, which was being held by her son and Mr. Koletti.

In terms of what is in dis­pute, and I know this is going to sound pet­ty, one of the mat­ters in dis­pute is 30 pairs of sneak­ers which are held by the step­son of Mr. Kolet­ti,” Mr. Hayter said.

I should say they’re not the nor­mal type of sneak­ers that I wear.”

One of the pairs, we’ve ascer­tained that it was pur­chased by Ms Cad­dick from Chris­t­ian Dior. And if in mint con­di­tion has a val­ue of approx­i­mate­ly $12,000. These sneak­ers may have sub­stan­tial value.”

Mr. Hayter told the court that the col­lec­tion was removed from Dover Heights home.

Jus­tice Markovic told Mr Hayter that he should to come to an agree­ment with Mr Koletti’s lawyers to inspect the col­lec­tion to ascer­tain their value.

Mr. Kolet­ti also took sev­er­al of Caddick’s dress­es when he vacat­ed their Dover Heights mar­i­tal home and had hand­ed back all but two, the court heard.

And Mr Hayter told Jus­tice Brigitte Markovic the receivers want­ed to inspect them and if they were of lim­it­ed val­ue, they could remain in Mr Koletti’s possession.

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