22 June 2017 Swaab launches fixed fee IP Discovery service

PRotecting your greatest asset: your business reputation

IP Discovery

The reputation of your business may be the most valuable asset it possesses. That reputation is the face you present to the market in your commercial names, brands and promotional material. In intellectual property terms your business reputation can be specified as your trade marks, business and company names, domain names and in the copyright you create in your promotional activities.

In a real sense, your business reputation is what distinguishes your business from its competitors. Such intellectual property assets rarely appear on a balance sheet but if they are lost, they can cripple a business. Consider these questions;

  • Are your commercial IP assets identified?
  • What is the value of your commercial IP?
  • Do you own that commercial IP?

We offer a fixed fee IP Discovery service to help you identify and protect your IP using a three step process:


We will review and identify the intelectual property in your business reputation, cooperating with you in detailing your trade marks, commercial names, copyright and related rights.


We will recommend appropriate protection for your intellectual property including registration, standard IP documents and procedures.


Once your intellectual property assets in your business have been identified and protected, we will outline various options for exploiting your IP, incluidng licensing, assignment, pricing strategy and promotional policy which reflect the true value of that IP.


Implementation includes a FREE no obligation Health Check which we take you through to help us indentify your commercial intellectual property assets and especially those assets at risk.

Once you are satisfied, we can tailor our $5000 fixed fee IP Discovery service to meet your specific needs.


You are welcome to contact our intellectual property lawyers at any time to discuss our fixed fee service or any of your intellectual property needs. Please contact Eric Ziehlke, IP and Technology Partner on +61 2 9777 8387 or via email

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