24 February 2014 Swaab appoints new Managing Partner

Today Swaab announced that it has returned to a managing partner leadership structure and has appointed Swaab partner Mary Digiglio to take on the role.

As Swaab's property practice group leader, Mary is an integral part of the firm's vision, ethos, values and culture.  At just 38, Mary has built a successful practice, is well respected in the market and most importantly within the firm.

Mary will lead the firm with Swaab's long term CEO Bronwyn Pott, who has extensive practice management experience, financial nous and industry expertise.

"This is a huge learning curve for me, as it is for any partner being appointed to such a position. I am grateful to have the benefit of Bronwyn's corporate knowledge at my side." said Mary.

Swaab has always been conscious of the globalisation of the industry and the importance of strategic growth and innovation to stay relevant.

"Many years ago, Fred encouraged the firm to become a part of the global legal alliance Meritas as he forecasted that our industry would undergo a period of globalisation. More recently we have witnessed the development of many larger global law firms and see that our involvement with Meritas enables us to supply that national and international service to our clients. Nevertheless, we must continue to focus on our own strategy and growth to benefit the firm and our clients." said Swaab's CEO Bronwyn Pott.

Fred Swaab will continue in his role as Chairman of the firm working with clients on strategic decisions, maintaining a mentoring role and continuing to instil within the younger lawyers his entrepreneurial spirit.

"We have reviewed our internal succession and leadership and will now focus on our strategy which includes targeted growth, both laterally and organically, continuing to excel in client service and investing in our people.

This is an exciting challenge both personally and professionally.  Swaab is a great place to be, the partnership is solid, the people are superb and our clients are high quality.  All of this, coupled with Fred's legacy, creates a sound and exciting framework for Swaab as we move to the next phase. I am excited and humbled by this opportunity. I intend to be with Swaab for a very long time and this appointment gives me further opportunity to invest in our firm, our people and the profession as a whole." said Mary.

The appointment is effective immediate.

For further queries please contact Business Development and Marketing Manager Amber Burgess on +61 2 9777 8341.

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