21 March 2014 Swaab welcomes two new graduates

Swaab is delighted to announce the arrival of two new graduates. Elizabeth Santifort and James Skelton will be undertaking Swaab's graduate program, including three six month rotations. They follow in the footsteps of two existing graduates, Euge Power and Tim Hardwick who started at Swaab in late 2013 and are now supporting our property and corporate teams, respectively.

Elizabeth will be supporting our litigation team during her first rotation. Having spent the last year working as Tipstaff to the Hon Justice Philip Hallen in the Equity Division of the Supreme Court of New South Wales, Elizabeth has gained experience in a range of areas including Succession Act claims, contested Probate cases and general civil litigation. Elizabeth completed a Juris Doctor (Hons) at the University of New South Wales in 2012 and was admitted to practice in August 2013.

James has joined our IP and technology team for his initial rotation. He joins us from the Federal Court of Australia, where he worked with the NSW and ACT District Registrars, gaining invaluable experience in the practice and procedure of the Court, which is the principal jurisdiction in which IP matters are determined. James also has experience with matters in the Federal Circuit Court and the Copyright Tribunal.

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